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During her childhood, Dieuwke performed on stage as much as she could. She began playing guitar at age 12 and by age 16, she had started her own band with a group of friends.


After preparatory school in the Netherlands, Dieuwke moved to South Africa

at the age of 18 to study at Creare School of the Arts in Bloemfontein, SA. She specialized in Acting and Music with singing as her main instrument.

Her time in SA proved to be an adventure on the other end of the world

where she learned a lot from performing together with students from different cultures. During her studies there, English (American, British) became her second language.


Back in the Netherlands Dieuwke developed herself further as a vocalist. Dieuwke sings jazz, pop and musical theatre under the umbrella of POPULAR MUSIC. As MEZZO SOPRANO she is trained in both classical singing techniques as well as CVT. For two years she studied as an understudy of the vocal pedagog and operatic singer Regina Davis.

At the moment Dieuwke performs with different bands as their lead/backing vocalist. She also has experience with singing vocals for studio recordings as a session musician. To read more about her latest vocal projects click here.

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